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Pratchettes 2.0
for Mac OS X

Pratchettes 1.0
Windows and Mac OS 9

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Wild Icons
Slot Machine Game
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The Eye Ching
Consult the oracle!
For Mac & Windows

Pantasia Suite
Utility Wizards for
Panorama Developers

Panorama folks can
also check out the
Panorama Utility site
of Gary Yonaites for
other Panorama utility
files and projects.

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Heath Yonaites

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The New Wizard Suite for Panorama
(Currently only for the Macintosh OS)

Unseen Software Presents...

A brand new suite of wizards for all your Panorama needs...both while programming and for everyday work. Updated and expanded from our previous PanoMAGIC utilities and converted to individual handy wizards now accessible from the Wizards menu Now with many, many new and powerful wizards added to the mix.

A Bundle of Panorama Tools in Your Wizards Menu!

The Pantasia Suite of Panorama wizards now includes the best utilities from the old PanoMAGIC restructured as independent wizards while adding a slew of new and powerful wizards to be used from the Panorama Wizards menu. Drop the Pantasia Suite folder into your Panorama Wizards folder and you will have all these helpers available any time you are running Panorama.

This new compilation of wizards includes the following:

  • Archiver - a new wizard to aid you in backing up all or parts of your Panorama files.
  • Color Picker - converted and expanded with web options from the PanoMAGIC wizard.
  • Dialog & Alert Builder - new wizard to build regular and super alerts and dialogs.
  • FillPattern Picker - another holdover from the PanoMAGIC wizards to build custom fills.
  • Font Viewer - a new wizard to see what all the fonts on your system look like.
  • Fork Changer - a little wizard to convert data forks to resource forks and visa/versa.
  • Gestalt Wizard - a wizard mainly useful with OS 9 and below to check gestalt values.
  • iFlash - another brand new wizard to view all the flash art from all open files.
  • Keyboard Wizard - extracted and expanded from PanoMAGIC to give full character & key info.
  • Media Harvester - a new exceptional wizard that displays all media on your entire hard drive.
  • Periodic Table - a wizard with the full periodic table and element information.
  • Procedure Find/Replace - a powerful new wizard to find and make changes throughout your procedures.
  • Safely Force Open - a minor wizard used to open problem files without running the .Initialize procedure.
  • Simple Terminal - a wizard that simulates the terminal within Panorama including many presets.
  • Type & Creator Editor - a wizard to check and change the type and creator codes of any file.
  • Window Wizard - a utility to configure window options, size and placement.

There are also a few extras thrown in for fun:

  • Bingo - classic bingo game for two
  • Dice - simple dice roller for use in your games
  • Illusions - a fun sampling of various optical illusions presented using Panorama.
  • Hangman - a fun wizard to test your verbal and spelling skills.
  • Random Generator & Monitor - A continuous random number generator and plotter.

Download The Pantasia Suite Now!


Open Source - no payment necessary but certainly appreciated!
Gary Yonaites
P. O. Box 1206
Elephant Butte, NM 87935-1206

©Unseen Software 2001