The Pantasia Simple Terminal Wizard

This is obviously an OS X only wizard the duplicates many of the functions of the Terminal application while adding some nice features for beginners and experimenters. The matrix at the top of the window contains several useful built-in unix commands (all safe). The row of buttons besow that allow you toggle the system invisible files on or off, scan your computer's ports, display the system log or show a rather interesting library file with all known units used by various aspects of the system.

The next down is the Execute button that will execute any unix command int the adjacent line. Note that some unix commands will not return anything via Simple Terminal and some will do things that may be dangerous if you are not sure of the exact command and options. Use with care.

The scrolling list on the left contains most of the available unix commands. Click on the command and the man pages for that command will be displayed in the text editor. Many commands do not have an associated man page and will tell you this when clicked. The text editor will also display the information returned from any unix command executed.