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Windows and Mac OS 9

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Brand New Pratchettes 2.0 for Mac OS X

Download Pratchettes 2.0 now!

View a selected quote from
any or all of Terry's complete
works. Search the database for
words or phrases. Choose
quotes sequentially or by an
Index number. Copy quotes
to the clipboard. Add, edit or
delete quotes from any source.

New in version 2.0:

  • Speak quote in voice of your choice
  • Print quote
  • Live Search
  • Adjust font and size used for display
  • Choose brushed metal or standard background
  • Pop-up Tool Tips (can be turned off)
  • Fully supported Apple Help Viewer files
  • Many added new quotes...now almost 4700!
Bright new look with added functionality!
Show quotes randomly, in sequence, by index# or via Live Search.
Limit selection to only one book or select from all works.
Live Search used for words or full phrases!
New preferences panels allow you to set several parameters including type size & font, speach voice, opening quote selection, tool tip pop-ups and printing and clipboard quote formats.
Edit any quote or add your own comments. Add new quotes from existing works or new books as they are published. Delete any quote or add any we may have missed.
Full Help file using the Mac Help Viewer.
The Unseen Software version of the Discworld Map.
Complete Terry Pratchett biography and bibliography.
Download the New Pratchettes 2.0 for Mac OS X!

PratchettesX_Installer.sit 3.6 megs
PratchettesX20dmg.sit 3.5 meg Disk Image

Requires 15 megs of disk space and OS X 10.2 or higher.

All about the Discworld mainly in Terry's own words.

Developed with Panorama and powered by the Panorama Engine

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is owned by Gary Yonaites.
[A.F.P. Now!]
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