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Brand New Pratchettes 2.0 for Mac OS X!
Loaded with new features and new interface!

Previous Version for Windows & Mac OS 9 Pratchettes 1.0
Version 2.0 for Windows currently in development!

Unseen Software and Gary Yonaites are proud to announce the new Terry Pratchett quote database with over 4600 selections from all his various works. Fully searchable, editable and expandable! Includes biography, bibliography, all about the discworld as described by Terry Pratchett and a new discworld map! All free for your personal use (no commercial distribution allowed!). This is our tribute to Terry Pratchett's work and genius. For those who have not yet been exposed to Pratchett's works, this is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of his humor, wit and irreverent insight. Find out why he is one of the worlds top selling authors with over 27 million books sold to date. Pratchett spins a wild parody of life, science, politics, religion, entertainment, death and all things associated with the human condition!

Special thanks is due Robert A, Jung for allowing me to incorporate much of his vast collection into Pratchettes.

Go to the Pratchettes 2.0 Mac OS X page to download the newest free Pratchettes program!

Go to the Pratchettes 1.0 page now and download your free copy for Windows or Mac OS 9!

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